ODYSSEY 8MM Satin Finish 14K Gold Inlay Ring

ODYSSEY 8MM Satin Finish Tungsten Carbide 14K Gold Inlay Wedding Band Retail Value: $500.00
Your Price: $165.00

Type: Tungsten Carbide
Finish: High Polish
Binder: Nickel
Color: Gunmetal
Comfort Fit: Yes
Width: 8 mm

If you are looking for a tungsten ring to really stand out among others, you can stop looking after viewing the ODYSSEY Satin Finish Gold Inlay Tungsten Wedding Band. This band is truly elegant with its 14 KT gold inlay surrounded by beautiful tungsten. If you are truly looking for a mens wedding band that is unique, trendy, but simple at the same time, this tungsten ring is for you.

About Tungsten Rings: Tungsten wedding rings are crafted out of two very strong elements, tungsten and carbide. When they are combined, they make one of the hardest known materials on the face of the earth. The rings that well sell at EmpyreJewelry.com are the highest quality and you can be guaranteed that you will not find a ring sturdier than ours.

One thing that customers tend to overlook is the fact that there are different grades of both tungsten and carbide available to manufacturer these rings. Some manufacturers tend to use lesser quality materials, thus making their rings more prone to scratches and other damage. Please do your research before you purchase a tungsten ring such as this beautiful ODYSSEY tungsten band. You truly want your ring to last forever!