Fall Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

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fall wedding centerpiece If you are one of the lovers of fascinating colors and scents which makes autumn beautiful and rich do not hesitate to choose the wedding celebration for one of those wonderful, autumn days.

Perhaps more than any other time of the year, autumn gives you a chance to experiment with the appearance and the colors of the decorations. You can use flowers as decorations or completely put them in the background because there are lots of decorations you can use instead of flower wedding centerpiece. The tables should be dominated by colorful and cute autumn fruits and this is the main reason why fall theme wedding is an ideal for the soon to be newlyweds who want to do the decorating on their own.

Autumn is the time that abounds with intense colors and gives you a chance to colorize your wedding reception and decorations in orange and dark red, golden yellow, tan or brown. Look for curled leaves, wheat and decorative squash and pumpkin. Use carved pumpkins as decorative vases which you can fill with meadow flowers.

Vases or deep glass candlesticks filled with acorns and thick candles will look special and beautiful as an independent or as grouped decorations. One of the greatest autumn trademarks, miniature pumpkins and zucchinis will make your table unique and cheerful and these types of decorations do not require much care. You can spread them out in a line along the whole wedding table, scattered with chestnuts and their pad foot cocoons and wheat. Of course, we must not forget the other autumn trademark which is colorful leaves that can be placed on each table and around other decorations. If you do not want natural leaves on the tables, you can find a small artificial autumn leaves on e-Bay or local shops. Flowers that will complement the whole story should be in harmonious colors of autumn, such as sunflowers, orange callas and rose.

You can make arrangements in baskets, use wreaths of leaves with berries, apples and miniature bows to decorate the edges of the room. Illuminate the garden or terrace with candles and torches.

Do not forget olfactory elements: candles with scents of spices, aroma lamps with scents of caramel and berries or with essential oils (rosemary, rose, vanilla and cloves).

Tips For Choosing Flowers

If you’ve planned your wedding centerpieces made from daffodils and lilacs, you have chosen the wrong time of year to do your wedding. But choosing an autumn wedding can be a big hit since it is a rich time of year because of the fruits, and the flowers which you can also find in your own garden.

Here are some popular types of flowers used for wedding bouquets or arrangements in the autumn months:

1. Roses

The Queen of all flowers. Every bride, organizing the floral decorations for her wedding at least once thought of this beautiful flower that has several reasons chosen to be chosen as the queen among the flowers. Classic imposes itself, but why not instead of traditional white roses choose a combination of orange and red roses (with few yellow ones). It will highlight the whiteness of the color of your dress and perfectly fit into autumn theme.

2. Orchids

This delicate flower, not only is a popular and beautiful, but can be found in numerous colors and combinations. Therefore, orchids can be found in whatever color you want, and besides that, they are popular throughout the year so they will not be too expensive.

3. Calla

You might think that callas come only in white, but you are wrong. There are a wide range of colors in which callas can be seen, from orange through red to sunny yellow, pink and even black. A combination of several different colors of the same flower will look great in your discreetly colored autumn wedding.

4. Iris

Irises are only available in a few colors – white, yellow and royal purple, which is the most popular because of the spectacular colors that make each bouquet and arrangement special and magical.

5. Gerberas

Gerber is a flower of classical form which we knew to draw as children and this is exactly why it is one of the most beautiful flowers that exist as it is large, colorful and clear. For those who want to throw in some unusual and fun in the tradition, this flower is ideal for bouquets and arrangements.

6. Lily

Elegant and sophisticated this adorable flower inspires by its forms and shades of colors that go from dark pink to white. They are equally beautiful in bouquets and arrangements. In addition to the classic short bouquets, due to its long and solid stalks they can also be worn in laid bouquets. And how wonderful this flower smells we don’t even have to mention.

These are just some of the suggestions of flowers that are commonly used in weddings. Some flowers can be found in florists’ shops, while others grow in your garden. It is up to you to choose the combination that you like the most and which is appropriate to financial base which you have prepared. Remember, flowers are beautiful and with the combination of the diversity and the amount (as much!) you cannot go wrong.

This guest post is written by Maya on behalf of The Flower Man, a flower delivery service which you can visit here.

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