Cobalt Chrome Rings

Cobalt Chrome wedding rings are one of the newest alternative metal wedding rings on the market. Just like tungsten rings, they are much more durable than platinum and even harder than titanium. They feature many unique characteristics, the most obvious being the bright white color! Cobalt chrome bands are often compared to platinum when it comes to their appearance. Because the amazing white color isn’t just a coating, these elegant wedding bands will stay white forever!

When considering a wedding ring, Cobalt Chrome is definitely a great choice when it comes to alternative metal bands. Read about their characteristics below and you will quickly see why Cobalt Chrome is your best choice!


Unlike tungsten, Cobalt Chrome is extremely strong. Each band is shatter proof and will never crack during its life.

Scratch Resistant

Cobalt Chrome wedding rings are quite scratch resistant. Although they are less scratch resistant than tungsten wedding rings, they are more resistant than titanium. Their hardness and their durability has proven to be one of their more cherished characteristics.

Permanent Luster

Cobalt Chrome wedding bands have a natural look and long lasting high luster that will never fade or become discolored over time.


Resizing tungsten or even titanium wedding bands is nigh impossible, however, Cobalt Chrome bands can be resized to fit your finger if its size happens to change over time. This can be done without adding or removing any metal and makes this kind of ring very attractive.


Cobalt chrome is relatively light in weight. Its wight falls somewhere in between tungsten and titanium wedding bands. They have what admirers refer to as a “pleasing weight and feel” that is comparable to gold wedding rings. Because of this they are extremely comfortable to wear.