Choosing That Ring For Your Beloved Is Not That Easy

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wedding ringsSo, you are about to become engaged, or are part of a newly engaged couple. Congratulations! Getting engaged is a large step and a big commitment into your future and the future of your fiancé. Choosing an engagement ring for your intended is one of the biggest decisions you can make as a future groom. Most women wear their engagement rings for the rest of their lives, which makes the choice of ring extremely important.

Some women send out hints and other advice to help their groom choose the best ring, but other women do not send out any direction at all. If your future fiancé is one of the signal-less, you have a difficult process ahead. You do not want to pick something in just a few minutes for such a significant moment in your life. You should spend several days or weeks checking out different options and designs so you find the best possible ring for your future wife.


The first thing to establish is the budget. If you do not know your budget, then you cannot eliminate choices or identify which rings are potentially “the one.” The old rule that the cost of the ring should equal three month’s salary is no longer applicable for every situation, but you should plan to spend enough to make the purchase a treasured item that your future wife will enjoy for years to come. Consider the purchase of the ring as an investment into your future. In general, the engagement ring should cost as much as you can afford without breaking the bank. If you will have a hard time making payments on the ring, then scale down on the cost of the ring.


The design you choose for your ring is extremely important as well. This is where paying attention to the type of jewelry that your future fiancé wears is important. Does she tend to wear flashy jewelry with a lot of sparkle? Or is she more of a classic girl with simple and elegant taste? Get the advice from her female friends and family members who may know her jewelry tastes better. There are millions of designs to choose from, from a simple princess cut, to a large and elaborate design, to the repurposing of a small, vintage ring from generations past. It is also important to consider the profile of the ring. The larger the profile, the harder it is to keep the ring from snagging on clothing, furniture, and other objects. Smaller profiles are typically best for everyday wear.


Try to find out the ring size of your beloved before ring shopping. Most jewelry shops can help you identify the correct size, or you can try to sneak out another ring that belongs to your beloved to try and find out her size. Family members may also be able to help identify the correct size. It is always better to choose a ring that is a little big than one that is a little small. Rings that are too big are easy to size down, whereas too-small rings are harder to adjust, and may make the future bride feel superstitious about the match.

The satisfaction of your bride is extremely important on her special day. You can help make her feel more special by following the ring-picking advice outlined above. However, according to Bride Online, some brides want to choose their own ring, or might want a custom ring. If your bride is one of these, you may want to wait and go ring- shopping together. She may even want to make sure that the ring matches the wedding dress of her dreams or some other part of her life of which you are unaware.

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