The Bachelor (Spoiler Alert) – Does Sean Lowe Choose AshLee Frazier

For those who are new here, we do this every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, where we make our predictions of who the lucky winner will be.

Last season we had some insider information because Jef Holm lives right here about ten miles away from us. This season, we don’t have any insider information, but based on conversations Sean Lowe has had with the contenders, it is clear who the winner of this seasons Bachelor will be.

sean lowe and ashlee frazier

The winner of this seasons Bachelor competition will most definitely be AshLee Frazier from Houston, Texas. Although she is a little bit older than the majority of the other contestants, she and Sean really hit it off and Sean has mentioned on more than one occasion that she is a very genuine person, which is a big quality that he is looking for. We at hope that at the end of the day, Sean can really pick someone who is genuine vs someone who is on it just for the fame, yes Tierra, we are talking about you.

So who do you think is going to come out on top this season (Season 17). Please feel free to share in the comments section below and continue to share this via social media!

Fall Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

This is a guest post from our friends over at The Flower Man. Enjoy the post!!

fall wedding centerpiece If you are one of the lovers of fascinating colors and scents which makes autumn beautiful and rich do not hesitate to choose the wedding celebration for one of those wonderful, autumn days.

Perhaps more than any other time of the year, autumn gives you a chance to experiment with the appearance and the colors of the decorations. You can use flowers as decorations or completely put them in the background because there are lots of decorations you can use instead of flower wedding centerpiece. The tables should be dominated by colorful and cute autumn fruits and this is the main reason why fall theme wedding is an ideal for the soon to be newlyweds who want to do the decorating on their own.

Autumn is the time that abounds with intense colors and gives you a chance to colorize your wedding reception and decorations in orange and dark red, golden yellow, tan or brown. Look for curled leaves, wheat and decorative squash and pumpkin. Use carved pumpkins as decorative vases which you can fill with meadow flowers.

Vases or deep glass candlesticks filled with acorns and thick candles will look special and beautiful as an independent or as grouped decorations. One of the greatest autumn trademarks, miniature pumpkins and zucchinis will make your table unique and cheerful and these types of decorations do not require much care. You can spread them out in a line along the whole wedding table, scattered with chestnuts and their pad foot cocoons and wheat. Of course, we must not forget the other autumn trademark which is colorful leaves that can be placed on each table and around other decorations. If you do not want natural leaves on the tables, you can find a small artificial autumn leaves on e-Bay or local shops. Flowers that will complement the whole story should be in harmonious colors of autumn, such as sunflowers, orange callas and rose.

You can make arrangements in baskets, use wreaths of leaves with berries, apples and miniature bows to decorate the edges of the room. Illuminate the garden or terrace with candles and torches.

Do not forget olfactory elements: candles with scents of spices, aroma lamps with scents of caramel and berries or with essential oils (rosemary, rose, vanilla and cloves).

Tips For Choosing Flowers

If you’ve planned your wedding centerpieces made from daffodils and lilacs, you have chosen the wrong time of year to do your wedding. But choosing an autumn wedding can be a big hit since it is a rich time of year because of the fruits, and the flowers which you can also find in your own garden.

Here are some popular types of flowers used for wedding bouquets or arrangements in the autumn months:

1. Roses

The Queen of all flowers. Every bride, organizing the floral decorations for her wedding at least once thought of this beautiful flower that has several reasons chosen to be chosen as the queen among the flowers. Classic imposes itself, but why not instead of traditional white roses choose a combination of orange and red roses (with few yellow ones). It will highlight the whiteness of the color of your dress and perfectly fit into autumn theme.

2. Orchids

This delicate flower, not only is a popular and beautiful, but can be found in numerous colors and combinations. Therefore, orchids can be found in whatever color you want, and besides that, they are popular throughout the year so they will not be too expensive.

3. Calla

You might think that callas come only in white, but you are wrong. There are a wide range of colors in which callas can be seen, from orange through red to sunny yellow, pink and even black. A combination of several different colors of the same flower will look great in your discreetly colored autumn wedding.

4. Iris

Irises are only available in a few colors – white, yellow and royal purple, which is the most popular because of the spectacular colors that make each bouquet and arrangement special and magical.

5. Gerberas

Gerber is a flower of classical form which we knew to draw as children and this is exactly why it is one of the most beautiful flowers that exist as it is large, colorful and clear. For those who want to throw in some unusual and fun in the tradition, this flower is ideal for bouquets and arrangements.

6. Lily

Elegant and sophisticated this adorable flower inspires by its forms and shades of colors that go from dark pink to white. They are equally beautiful in bouquets and arrangements. In addition to the classic short bouquets, due to its long and solid stalks they can also be worn in laid bouquets. And how wonderful this flower smells we don’t even have to mention.

These are just some of the suggestions of flowers that are commonly used in weddings. Some flowers can be found in florists’ shops, while others grow in your garden. It is up to you to choose the combination that you like the most and which is appropriate to financial base which you have prepared. Remember, flowers are beautiful and with the combination of the diversity and the amount (as much!) you cannot go wrong.

This guest post is written by Maya on behalf of The Flower Man, a flower delivery service which you can visit here.

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Gifts for Your Bridal Party

This is a guest blog post from one of our regular readers. Hope you love the post!

bridal party

Even though you probably feel like you’ve already spent an arm and a leg on your wedding, you need to spend a little bit more on some classy gifts for your bridesmaids or groomsmen. These people have put a lot of energy into helping you plan for the wedding and host parties leading up to your big day, not to mention setting aside their time to participate in your wedding weekend. Giving a gift is a tangible way for you to express your thankfulness for their friendship and commitment to you.


One fun gift idea is to put together survival bags for your favorite girls and give them all the little things they’ll need during your big day. Start by monogramming a fun canvas bag or pretty little clutch, then gather fun items to put in the bags. They’ll need some high-energy snack foods, a pack of gum, one of their favorite fragrances or lotions, and a pair of flip flops so they won’t have to wear dress shoes all day.

Another idea for bridesmaids is to purchase jewelry they can wear during the wedding and keep as a gift. They’ll look great wearing matching earrings and necklaces. Plus, what girl doesn’t love to have a little bit more jewelry to add to her collection? Choose pieces that fit in your budget but are still memorable and worth keeping. Or you can just take all the girls out to get your nails done and have a nice lunch together in lieu of getting traditional gifts.


Gifts for groomsmen typically fall into the category of “nice things engraved with each groomsman’s name or initials.” Consider getting each of the guys an awesome beer stein or pilsner glass engraved with his initials or a funny joke from your years of friendship. Other gift ideas include engraved flasks, pocket knives, money clips or watches. Choose a simple, classy design and get the engraving done well in advance to make sure everything comes out correctly and is ready to give before your wedding.

Just like a bride can get her bridesmaids jewelry to wear on the big day, the groom can get his groomsmen things to wear. Choose a classy pair of cuff links for each guy to wear during the wedding so they all match. Another idea is to get each guy a brightly colored tie and matching pair of socks, of course, with the bride’s approval. If you do this, take the obligatory jumping photo so you can capture the socks and ties in motion.

Additional Gifts

If you have money to spare, consider adding other things that spice up the gifts and make more of a personal touch. For example, you could get each of your bridesmaids or groomsmen a book you think they would enjoy, or tickets to one of their favorite concerts or sporting events. A nice bottle of wine is another great gift that your bridesmaid or groomsman will be able to enjoy later for a special occasion.

The most important thing to remember when selecting gifts is that you want to show your bridesmaids or groomsmen how much you appreciate them. Think back on all of your years of friendship and all the things they have done for you. The least you can do for them is give them something special to say thanks as you head off to get married. Your friendship will likely change now that you’re tying the knot, but you still want your best friends to have a tangible reminder of how much you care about them.

About the Author: Holly is an Indianapolis native who loves to bake, regularly tackles DIY projects and blogs for Sears in her free time.

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The Biggest Rings in Hollywood

This is a guest post from one of the regular readers of the blog. Hope you enjoy the post!!

When it comes to getting down on one knee, no one does it quite like the Hollywood A-listers. Impressing these high maintenance mademoiselles means shelling out on some serious bling. From radiant cut rocks to spectacular solitaires, these engagement rings showcase the best of the best.

1. Hollywood royalty Brad Pitt certainly made fiancée Angelina Jolie wait before presenting her with her $250,000 ring. We got to take a glimpse at the stunning engagement ring in April 2012 and boy, were we impressed. The elongated, tablet shaped sparkler took Brad and Robert Procop, former CEO of Asprey’s in London, a year to design and suits her classic style perfectly.

2. Horizontally set stones are making a comeback, and this trend makes stones look huge. Great in oval, marquise and emerald cuts, just like Kate Beckinsale’s classic solitaire. Her ring is reminiscent of Priscilla Presley’s, and you can’t get more Hollywood than that!

horizontally set stone engagement ring

3. Many celebrities opt for unique, vintage engagement rings for a timeless, romantic look. Jessica Biel’s $130,000, 6-carat, radiant cut ring features a double halo and a scrolling, rope-style, diamond infinity band that Justin chose all by himself! Jealous, much?

unique vintage ring

4. Floral motifs have been huge in 2012, and no one wears this trend better than Miley. Her $100,000, 3.5-carat, hand crafted engagement ring has a beautiful floral design in an art nouveau style. Her fiancé, Liam Hemsworth, looks pretty good, too.

floral motif ring

5. Split shank engagement rings such as Beyoncé’s are everywhere in Hollywood. Her cleaved band separates into two, pavé set diamond strands that really enhance the 18-carat, flawless, emerald cut diamond crown. This Lorraine Schwartz ring is worth more than $5 million, and we’d expect nothing less from the biggest diva in the game. Jennifer Hudson shares a similar style, but her 5-carat ring has a round center stone fit for any dream girl.

split shank ring

6. The tapered baguette diamonds, bar channel set in beautiful platinum, on Kate Hudson’s ring, frame her 9-carat, emerald-cut diamond perfectly. This $200,000 ring is a quintessential classic, and we think Matt Bellamy did fabulously in choosing it.

7. Gem stones have always been popular for stunning unique rings. And how could we not mention the Duchess of Cambridge’s 18-carat oval sapphire ring. The sapphire originally belonged to Prince William’s late mother, Princess Diana, and is surrounded by 14 smaller white diamonds. This ring has been copied the world over since Will proposed in November 2010 and is bound to remain a firm favorite with royal wedding enthusiasts well into the decade.

8. Mariah Carey’s one of a kind Jacob & Co. ring is worth $2.5 million. The 10-carat pink diamond center stone really embodies the trend for rare, colored diamonds, and is surrounded by 58 more pink diamonds and a half moon-cut diamond on either side.

9. Alternative ladies might prefer a less classically cut diamond, such as Katherine Heigl’s 3-carat pear. It’s surrounded by pavé diamonds, and the band actually incorporates some of her mother’s engagement ring.

10. Back to vintage with Ashlee Simpson’s art deco inspired, 4-carat asscher cut, pave diamond cluster frame. The ring cost approximately $150,000 and is perfect for the pop-reality star.

Engagement ring photos by Shutterstock

About the author: James Daugherty is a blogger from Seattle, WA. You can read more about him by visiting his blog

Choosing That Ring For Your Beloved Is Not That Easy

This is a guest post from one of our regular readers. Hope you enjoy the post!
wedding ringsSo, you are about to become engaged, or are part of a newly engaged couple. Congratulations! Getting engaged is a large step and a big commitment into your future and the future of your fiancé. Choosing an engagement ring for your intended is one of the biggest decisions you can make as a future groom. Most women wear their engagement rings for the rest of their lives, which makes the choice of ring extremely important.

Some women send out hints and other advice to help their groom choose the best ring, but other women do not send out any direction at all. If your future fiancé is one of the signal-less, you have a difficult process ahead. You do not want to pick something in just a few minutes for such a significant moment in your life. You should spend several days or weeks checking out different options and designs so you find the best possible ring for your future wife.


The first thing to establish is the budget. If you do not know your budget, then you cannot eliminate choices or identify which rings are potentially “the one.” The old rule that the cost of the ring should equal three month’s salary is no longer applicable for every situation, but you should plan to spend enough to make the purchase a treasured item that your future wife will enjoy for years to come. Consider the purchase of the ring as an investment into your future. In general, the engagement ring should cost as much as you can afford without breaking the bank. If you will have a hard time making payments on the ring, then scale down on the cost of the ring.


The design you choose for your ring is extremely important as well. This is where paying attention to the type of jewelry that your future fiancé wears is important. Does she tend to wear flashy jewelry with a lot of sparkle? Or is she more of a classic girl with simple and elegant taste? Get the advice from her female friends and family members who may know her jewelry tastes better. There are millions of designs to choose from, from a simple princess cut, to a large and elaborate design, to the repurposing of a small, vintage ring from generations past. It is also important to consider the profile of the ring. The larger the profile, the harder it is to keep the ring from snagging on clothing, furniture, and other objects. Smaller profiles are typically best for everyday wear.


Try to find out the ring size of your beloved before ring shopping. Most jewelry shops can help you identify the correct size, or you can try to sneak out another ring that belongs to your beloved to try and find out her size. Family members may also be able to help identify the correct size. It is always better to choose a ring that is a little big than one that is a little small. Rings that are too big are easy to size down, whereas too-small rings are harder to adjust, and may make the future bride feel superstitious about the match.

The satisfaction of your bride is extremely important on her special day. You can help make her feel more special by following the ring-picking advice outlined above. However, according to Bride Online, some brides want to choose their own ring, or might want a custom ring. If your bride is one of these, you may want to wait and go ring- shopping together. She may even want to make sure that the ring matches the wedding dress of her dreams or some other part of her life of which you are unaware.

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Make Your Wedding Unique and Enduring With the Wedding Planners

Everybody fantasies to have a perfect and unforgettable wedding, but materializing the dream into a reality is not a very easy task. You need to make sure that nothing goes wrong on that special day and for this purpose an excellent planning and ideas are required. It cannot be denied that the thought of planning a fairytale wedding is really exhilarating, but it is also one hell of a task.

Most of the people get perplexed with plethora of things related to wedding planning and ultimately fail to organize a memorable wedding. If you are totally engross yourself in planning the wedding, then there are chances that you will have no leisure time for the enjoyment and fun. It is indeed a daunting task for most of couples to take care of many minute details and this is where wedding planners come into the picture. Hiring the planners will mean that all the stress and pain of organizing a wedding is totally on their shoulders.

The best wedding specialists work with their best potential to make the big day of your life unique and unforgettable one. They look all the major aspects of a wedding even the minute details, which many people tend to forget or ignore. The planners leave no stone unturned to ensure you wedding day is fun-filled short of any major panic and worry. They also have the contacts with the expert vendors and guarantee that the venue, decoration, gifts and catering are well in place and most importantly are of top-notch quality. If at all any kind of last minute problems crop up like flowers not delivered on time or a tear in a wedding dress, then also you need not worry as the specialists are better equipped and experienced to handle these problems.

Organizing a wedding with the help of the wedding specialists can be an exciting experience as they ensure a grand and luxurious event where you can enjoy the celebrations to the fullest. The best qualities of the planners like time management, problem solving, tenacious and excellent communication skills will certainly make sure that you have a stress free smile on the special day.

You must always stress upon to hire a best wedding planner who can take the responsibility of keeping all the
preparations in an excellent condition till the time you walk down the aisle. The following points will help you a lot to ensure that you hire the luxurious and world class services:

  • You can inquire with your friends or relatives who have married before for the wedding planner references.
  • Interview the planners unless you are totally pleased with their services and work.
  • Talk to the specialists about your requirements or specifications and ask what all the steps they will take to ensure to organize a flawless wedding.
  • Always select a planner who possesses the best qualities so that you get along with him without any problem.
  • A planner must be quite competent enough to finish all the arrangements in time and should also be able to take
    care of last minutes glitches.

Therefore, hire the best wedding planner to ensure a wonderful event and to the top of it all cherish the long-lasting magical moments.

Author Bio:

Will Smith is a professional writer with many years of rich experience in the field of creative writing. He contributes his work to many companies. His creative writing in the field of wedding provides complete information on luxury wedding planners and helps you map out best specialists for the International weddings also.

Did You Know That Chad Kroeger & Avril Lavigne Are Engaged?

avril lavigne's engagement ringI don’t know about any of you, but I had no idea that Chad Kroeger (lead singer of Nickelback) and Avril Lavigne were engaged. I was listening to the radio this morning while driving into the office and heard the news.

The couple have been dating now for over six months (probably the most quiet celebrity relationship in a very long time) and they are engaged to be married by the end of the year.

The two first met in February when they got together to co-write a song for Ms. Lavigne’s upcoming studio album. While writing the song a “romantic relationship blossomed”.

Word on the street is that Chad popped the question on August 8th, presenting Avril with a stunning 14-carat diamond ring (platinum-set pear-shape diamond with half moons) that was designed by Caryn Alpert. This will be Chad’s first marriage and the second marriage for Avril who was married to Sum 41 singer, Deryck Whibley.

We hope you enjoy one of the first pictures of Avril Lavigne’s engagement ring and lastly, to be completely honest, we at are thrilled that Chad his awful locks of hair 🙂

Photo courtesy of People Magazine.

Check Out Natalie Portman’s Wedding Dress By Rodarte

natalie portman's wedding dressFor those who didn’t know, Natalie Portman tied the knot with her long time fiance, Benjamin Millepied on August 4. The two got married in California’s Big Sur.

Here is an amazing picture of Natalie’s A-line white wedding dress that was designed by Rodarte. For those who are unaware, Rodarte is a label run by Natalie’s pals, sisters Laure & Kate Mulleavy. She also wore white flats, a white veil, and a floral crown.

Since the label is run by  her pals, she has been an advocate of the brand for many years, also wearing it at high-profile events like the Academy Awards and the Venice Film Festival. Other celebrities who are fans of the brand include Emma Watson, Michelle Obama, Keira Knightley, Kristen Dunst, and Cate Blanchette.

On behalf of the team, we hope you enjoy this awesome picture of Natalie.

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Zach Galifianakis Marries Long Time Girlfriend Quinn Lundberg!

zach galifianakis and quinn lundenberg are marriedIt’s official!!! The funniest actor in the world, Zach Galifianakis (you know, the dude from the Hangover who carries around the lost baby)  tied the knot with his long time girl friend Quinn Lundenberg. The two tied the knot in Vancouver, Canada just a few weeks back, on August 11th.

One of Zach and Quinn’s close friends confirmed that the wedding was held at the fabulous UBC Farm in Vancouver around 4pm in the afternoon. It was a super private, super intimate ceremony that only lasted about thirty minutes. Later that evening, the couple held their wedding reception at a local restaurant.

This is the first marriage for both Zach and Quinn and we at wish them both the best in this new journey in their lives.

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Do Tungsten Rings Scratch? Check Out Our File Test!

A lot of our customers and potential customers have the same question… will my tungsten ring scratch.

We put this to the test by taking a new tungsten ring and hitting it with a file. Enjoy!