A Look At How Tungsten Carbide Rings Came To Be

If you were attentive in your Chemistry class back in high school, then you would already know what tungsten is.

Tungsten, or wolfram, is an element that is previously referred to as “heavy stone” because of its quality. Tungsten is a very hard and strong mineral. As a matter of fact, it is considered as second to diamond in terms of hardness.

Tungsten, which is already hard, can still be harder when it is combined with other elements. If you combine tungsten with a carbon alloy, you will end up with tungsten carbide, a very strong material that can be used in making high quality jewelry.

Tungsten carbide rings are considered to be one of the strongest and most durable rings present in the market today. Because people want something that will last longer and maintain its original form and beauty, they are starting to opt for tungsten carbide rings.

But where did tungsten carbide rings come from? How did they come about?

In 1779, a man named Peter Woulfe thought that wolframite contain a substance. During 1781, Carl Wilhelm Scheele presumed that tungstenite can yield a new acid. It was two years later when Jose and Fausto Elhuyar discovered that there is an acid in wolframite that is identical to tungsten acid. Later, they were able to reduce the acid and isolate tungsten. They were then credited as the discovery of the element.

Tungsten was very precious during the time of the war. It played a crucial role in the war because it was used to create weapons. Its resistance to temperatures and its extreme strength made it perfect for the creation of weapons and armories.

As time went on, tungsten was used in jewelry-making. When tungsten carbide was discovered, jewelry makers used it to make tungsten carbide rings, one of the strongest and most durable rings in the market today.

Itís no wonder people are fascinated with tungsten carbide rings. It is very strong. You don’t have to worry about your ring breaking or getting scratched. You can wear it everyday; you don’t have to take it off when you are getting down and dirty with work. Even though the years pass by, tungsten carbide rings will still look beautiful because they can retain their natural shine. No need to bring it back to the jeweler for polishing.

But the best part is tungsten carbide rings are very affordable. You don’t need to spend a lot of money for tungsten carbide rings the way you would on gold and silver rings.

So if you want to have a piece of jewelry that has high value at an affordable price, get tungsten carbide rings.

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